How hideAWAY Handmade Made over $100K in Sales in Six Weeks

HideAWAY Handmade is an online retailer that sells handcrafted artisan soaps and body products in Australia. HideAWAY Handmade wanted an improved method to offer customer service and to boost their revenue from social media when they started to grow globally.

To achieve this goal, hideAWAY Handmade joined hands with Stephen Bradeen, the founder of Chat Blender in March 2020 to create an effective Chat Marketing system. The Chat Marketing system was to give enable them to interact with their audiences and to collect feedback on their products. They also engaged the services of ManyChat to merge their overall marketing system.

The results were mind-blowing. hideAWAY Handmade escalated their revenue to unimaginable figures. They also had a massive increase in their subscribers.

Commenting on this phenomenal outcome, Stephen Bradeen says, “We saw how engaged, loyal and incredibly in love with the brand their customers are. It was important to create a system that allows active customers to engage and easily share campaigns with their friends! The results were fantastic.


hideAWAY Handmade generated over $100,000 in revenue, got 68,000 subscribers, and achieved a click-through rate of 99.5%.

The Challenge Of hideAWAY Homemade

Their challenge was to simplify their customer service and to make it more efficient. hideAWAY Homemade also wanted to develop a highly engaging and exciting marketing experience for their customers and website visitors.

What They Wanted to Achieve

Their goal was to offer their loyal customers a unique chance to engage, gain value, and earn rewards to boost sales. hideAWAY Homemade aimed to find and give out coupons to interested buyers for this campaign.

How They Did It

Creating a bot personality to engage their audience

A bot personality was created to welcome audiences. hideAWAY Handmade used Ashley Bines, an International Fitness Coach as their welcome bot persona.

Generating leads through chat

hideAWAY Handmade and Stephen utilized different ManyChat Growth Tools to bring in people who visit their business website. Lead generation flows were created by the team for weekly quiz funnels, weekly giveaways, first-time buyer flows, etc. This was to help hideAWAY Handmade to engage with their buyers and to give them special discounts for engaging with them.

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Sending Personalized Coupons

They sent personalized coupons to buyers through messenger by using ManyChat’s Coupon Campaign for Shopify. Customers who took part in hideAWAY Handmade’s weekly quizzes and giveaways were rewarded. Customers who gave feedback and first-time buyers were also rewarded. hideAWAY Homemade earned a whopping $100,000 in a month from this.

Sending One-Time Notifications

Customers outside their 24-hour messaging window in Messenger were notified using the One-Time Notifications for sales, giveaways, and promotions. A 99.5% click-through rate was achieved with notifications sent over 10,000 times.

Building an improved customer and review system

To enable their customers to experience awesome customer service, a unique feedback system was created on Messenger. Satisfied and happy shoppers were converted into 5-star reviews by using the ManyChat feedback tool to follow up with them

How They Made $100,000 in One Month Using ManyChat

HideAWAY Homemade engaged the services of Chat Blender to create and launch a Chat Marketing campaign on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The team outlined hideAWAY Homemade’s website into lead engagement, lead nurturing, and retention stages. Website visitors were captured into Messenger using opt-in widgets.

They offered various amazing chat experiences to buyers to keep them engaged and excited. They then sent unique and personalized Coupon Campaigns at different stages of the flow to motivate sales.

How they Generated New Leads and Collected Contact Information in Messenger

A bot personality was created to interact with hideAWAY Homemade’s website visitors. HideAWAY Homemade worked with Ashy Bines to build a chatbot persona AshyBot.

The goal of the team was to use AshyBot to create super exciting conversations with audiences to motivate them to disclose their interest. Website visitors were allowed to subscribe for promo updates and offers.

The contact information – phone number and email address of new customers were requested in the flow to enable hideAWAY to get in touch with them in situations they missed an offer in Messenger. The team also built a flow to give the audience the option to sign up for a One-Time Notification for hideAWAY Homemade’s next sale. This notification was used to reach customers outside the 24-hour messaging window.

hideAWAY Homemade rewarded people who gave out all their information with personalized coupons to encourage sales. This messaging process resulted in a phenomenal 61.6% click-through rate in the campaign.

Exciting Messenger Chat Experiences.

hideAWAY Homemade gave new shoppers a first-time buyer’s discount for providing all their contact information – email, phone number and also opting in for OTN (one-time notification) for future campaigns.

They also offered discounts to first time buyers who partake in their “choose your first fragrance” quiz. This quiz guided new shoppers to find their first products and also made them familiar with the hideAWAY Homemade brand.


Subscribers had the chance to win a product bundle each week in hideAWAY Handmade’s weekly giveaway. Through this, hideAWAY Homemade boosted their engagement and sales. Subscribers who shared with their friends gained double entry points and boosted their winning potential. All participants of the giveaway – both who won and lost were given consolidation discount prizes. Through this, hideAWAY Handmade made sales of over $74,000 in less than six weeks.


Getting Positive Feedback By Giving Out Coupons

A review flow was created by the team to help customers leave feedback in Messenger. Customers who leave positive feedback were encouraged to post a review on Facebook. In appreciation of their review, hideAWAY rewarded customers with a coupon. Customers who leave negative feedback are directed to a Live support representative to help solve the problem. hideAWAY Homemade generated $6900 in revenue from the review flow coupons


hideAWAY Homemade’s interactive messenger bot, enterprising customer support, weekly giveaways, and quizzes worked harmoniously to generate more leads and convert more shoppers.  In their six-week ongoing campaign, they made $133,279 in revenue, gained over 68% subscribers, and obtained a 99.5% click-through rate for One-Time Notification.

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