Automated and Reliable Assistant Bot For your Website

An average user spends on 15 seconds when landing on a new website. An assistant bot helps users to find what they were looking for and turn into a paying customer.

97% Positive Review Rate

89% Click-through Rate

81% Email Registration Rate

Closed 5 homes in six months

$1.45M In sales at 3% commission rate


$43,000 In gross comissions

$260,000 In sales

353 Membership sign-ups

Average cart value of $39.67

$7,740 In ticket sales

5,112 Event attendees

5.08x roas​

556 Subscribers

1,545,246 Subscribers

37,700 Increase in social media followers

10,000 Additional organic users per month

11,428% ROI

117 membership sign-ups

42% Conversion rate

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$19,000 In sales


29% Conversion rate

1,500 Messanger subscribers

3,000% ROAS

X10 In monthly leads

200 Daily leads

$43,000 in Online sales

438% ROAS

35% click-through rate no ads

€ 10,000 EU

300 Leads

200 Daily leads

$1.2 million in revenue​

$43,000 in Online sales

100% Of Applicants met the basic job requirements

Increased interview attendance by 150%

9.5/10 In live chat experience

$45,000 in donations

304 Subscribers

5.7 % Conversion rate

$64,400 In sales

43% Conversion rate


589 Subscribers

229.5X Distribution

33.2X one-minute views

27.4X Shares

17.3x reactions​

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20,000 Subscribers

80% Quiz completion rate

41% Webinar sign-up rate

A 556% Lift in subscribers

4,800 E-book downloads

98% Click-through rate

5,000 New community members

$1,800 In revenue in 7 days

93% Open rate for broadcasted messages

30% Click-through message

9.5/10 In live chat experience

9,300 Warm leads


300% reduction in lead cost

14,000 Messanger bot subscribers


Has 1,700 Paid members for the app

36,000 subscribers​

$24,000 In revenue

$0.90 Per sponsored message


$23000 In revenue

1338 Email & SMS sign-ups

361 First time visits

$180,000 In Revenue with FB Live

$260,000 In sales

353 Membership sign-ups

Average cart value of $39.67

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1,048% Increased subscribers

155% Increased revenue

18% Live opt-in rates

$43,000 In gross comissions

$10,000 Reduction in cost per placement

X2 More meetings booked

58 Qualified applicants in 40 days

$1.50 Average cost per lead

X10 In monthly leads

200 Daily leads

1,059,727 Organic reach

38,982 Video views

2,371 Reaction & comments


$43,000 In gross comissions

$5,000 In sales

99.4% Open rate

38.4% Click-through rate

$16,715 In sales

3,846 Subscribers


Automated and Reliable Assistant Bot.

15 seconds is the average time a website visitor spends. The assistant bot helps your users turn to a paying customer.

Make your website
overflow you with new customers

A predicted and measurable lead generation tool to get the most out of your website traffic

68% average conversion rate observed by our clients

Filter & Generate Quality Leads right from your site

100% Customer Support & Retention Rate

The most time-saving and efficient lead generation tool

The Assistant bot, made by Talko Widgets is a tool that helps the users of your websites to find their desired property either if it is to rent, buy, or to sell their own.  Stop losing potential clients and handle an unlimited amount on inquiries processed by the assistant bot

Utilize the power of AI

Stats show that 85% of customer interactions will be handled without human agents by 2021. An average customer prefers a fast bot interaction over spending time on back and forth emails.

Feature Highlights

Custom-build your assistant bot with a variety of functions.
An assistant bot adds on top of your website to make it a 24/7 sales machine, by converting all your cold visitors into hot leads, with proven strategies, workflow, and automation customized for your business needs

Leads Filter & Scoring

A powerful algorithm unique to our chatbots that lets you identify the buying potential of all your prospects.

Assign Agents

The bot will alert the team to take over when it is unable to answer a question it has not been trained for.

Connect to potential clients

Once a user has engaged with the assistant bot, he will be remembered in the system and will be remembered to later interactions, targeted offers, and personal communication.

Schedule Appointments

Use the bot as a personal assistant to handle your appointment, table reservations etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you and your business, hence we make it easy for you by answering few most frequently asked questions.

The reason for the high-quality leads it gets is the questioning part of the conversation. Based on your needs, and your terms of a qualified lead, we build the conversation and the bot will ask in a user-friendly way for his needs. For instance, if you work only with Texas-based clients, a client from Colorado is irrelevant and the bot will disqualify him instead of the user leaving his contact info to you, and spending your precious time.

Yes! You will be the full owner (admin) of your assistant bot. Being a chatbot admin is like being an admin of your Facebook page. Everything will be under your control. If there is anything that has changed in your need and lead capture, just reach out to us and we’ll tweak the bot to do as you please.

Yes, possible. Also if you chose, you can let the users to chose in what language they would like to host the conversation

Every business has unique needs. Because of this, I recommend that you will book a demo with me, to see what are your needs and if we could help with them. Usually, at the demos we show the backend and how does the assistant bot work. We will show you case studies of past projects and your potential conversion rate from your website.

Absolutely! It’s one of my specialties. Many people can put together a bot for you but not many know how to create a strategy that will generate actual paying customers. I combine my 4 years of digital marketing with a chatbot to create an assistant bot strategy that works.

Chat bots in general are perfect for any company that would like to communicate with their customers on a channel that people still engage with. Email inboxes have become so cluttered and oversaturated that messages often go unseen. It’s assumed that customer preferences and experiences will facilitate chatbot use: “Businesses with at least $1 billion in annual revenues can expect to see an increase in average revenue by $823 million over three years.(Temkin, 2018)”

A piece of software designed to communicate with humans in a chat. It automates simple tasks and conversations that help the website user to find what he was looking for. When the user says something that the bot doesn’t understand (which is pretty rare), the bot’s fall-back is providing the user with a customer support email.

No Worry, I can design any variation of conversation, task, or question that the assistant bot should communicate wit the user. As long you are a Talko Widget’s customer you have an unlimited amount of revisions and maintenance.